States may set appliance energy efficiency standards for appliances which do not already have federal standards in place. Usually, these standards set minimum efficiency requirements for appliances sold for retail in the state.

Several states have adopted the same or similar standards for selected appliances, based on California’s standards. The following states are currently participating in the Multi-State Appliance Standards Collaborative: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington.

Other states not participating in the Multi-State Collaborative may have their own standards as well. These states include Maryland, Vermont, the District of Columbia and Arizona. Please contact the state directly for information.

Federal Appliance Standards

The US Department of Energy regulates a number of consumer and commercial appliances. States may not set their own standards for appliances which are federally regulated, with certain exceptions and except where states have sought and been granted specific exemptions to federal preemption. The Multi-State Appliance Collaborate only covers appliances which are not federally regulated. For more information on Federal appliance standards, please see