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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to certified products when a new standard level takes effect?

When a new standard takes effect, models meeting the previous standard will continue to be shown for 90 days.

Please note: the California Energy Commission maintains a separate database for appliances that do not meet current efficiency standards but were certified as meeting earlier, less stringent efficiency standards.  Appliances manufactured prior to the effective date of the current efficiency standards may still be sold or offered for sale if they were certified as meeting the standard in effect on the date the model was manufactured.  If you would like information about these models, go to:

Where do I send my product certification materials?

To certify your product to California, the information required to certify your appliance(s) must be submitted electronically, using a Microsoft Excel format file, to  If e-mail is unavailable or unable to be used, data can be submitted to the Energy Commission via CD-ROM.  When submitting your data and Declaration electronically, do not also send copies through regular mail.

What is a Manufacturer Code referenced on the California Energy Commission’s submittal forms and how do I get a Manufacturer Code?

A manufacturer code is a two-letter or three-letter code assigned by California Appliance Program staff.  If you have not been assigned a code, provide the name of the manufacturer and/or brand in the cover letter or e-mail.  A code will be assigned and you will be notified what it is for use in future certifications.  Do not make up your own codes. 

What is the manufacturer name vs. the brand name?

The manufacturer is the company which constructed the appliance, the brand name is the name which appears on the appliance and under which it is sold.  In some cases the names are the same, but not all, and the Manufacturer and Brand codes may still differ from one another.

What does it cost to certify my product?

There is no cost to submit your product certification documents to the California Energy Commission. Manufacturers will need to test their products and there may be a cost associated with testing.