Appliance Standards

Appliance energy efficiency standards are set by either state or federal governments and can cover both consumer and commercial appliances. The Multi-State Appliance Standards Collaborative has developed a product database for several products with common standards across several states. For more information, please select the appliance name from the menu on the left.

More appliances will be added to this website in the future, please check back for updates. For information on individual states and on state standards for other appliances, please see the state standards pages.

What are appliance standards?

An appliance standard sets a minimum efficiency level for a product. The standard may be applicable at the manufacturing, sale or installation stage, depending on the regulation and the appliance.

What do I need to do to comply with these standards?

For product manufacturers:

Product manufacturers are responsible for certifying their products in each state. For more information on product certification, please see the Manufacturer Product Certification page.

For Product Sellers:

Product distributors, retailers and contractors are responsible for ensuring the products sold in each state comply with the applicable appliance standards. To make sure the products you are selling comply, please select the appliance name in the navigation bar on the left.

What are the benefits of appliance standards?

By setting minimum standards, states can ensure that products sold are energy-efficient. The goal of appliance standards is to save energy and money for consumers, protect the environment and help achieve power grid stability. Standards also encourage the development of more efficient products.

Federal Appliance Standards

The US Department of Energy regulates a number of consumer and commercial appliances. States may not set their own standards for appliances which are federally regulated. The Multi-State Appliance Standards Collaborative only covers appliances which are not federally regulated. For more information on Federal appliance standards, please see